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Meet the Team

The Main Players

While we have a whole team behind us, you're likely to be dealing with:

Ryan - The Bread Man
The master behind every Volare Product you eat. A 5th generation baker whose life revolves around bread.
Ryan’s Pick - Volare San Francisco Sourdough.
What more would you need? Flour, water and salt...because less is more!

Ed - Numbers Guy and Mr Fix It
Eddy is our jack of all trades.
The man of the hour returning home from Australia, Ed is here to sell bread and take names.
Ed’s Pick - Volare Grain.
Toasted, served with butter and a nice thick plum jam for breakfast.

Jordan - The Office Guy
Jordan keeps the wheel that is Volare turning on a daily basis. Jordan is your go-to guy with everything admin related.
Jordan's Pick -  Volare Garlic Turkish Pide.
Soft and oily; this bread just melts in your mouth. Perfect with almost everything!

Cameron - Sales Rep
The face of Volare and your first guy to call for anything and everything Volare related.
Cameron's Pick - Volare Carrot Cake.
"Is carrot cake a bread? ............ No? Well it should be!"

Cole - Bakery Manager
Volare's first ever employee. Responsible for ensuring smooth operations and product quality, at the best bakery in the Waikato...Some would say NZ...."I know I do"
Cole’s Pick – Bagels.
Crisp and shiny on the outside, densely soft on the inside... "Mmmmmmmmmmmm".